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Ashley Crutcher



I'm Ashley– a Design Strategist and Product designer. By day, I work as a Designer at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and by night a knitter, reluctant exerciser, and reader who loves to spend time with my cat, my dogs, my husband, and the interesting people I call my friends.

The Lightbulb Moment

I remember very clearly the day that design stole my heart and I realized its impact on the world - when in college my classmates and I were required to create a prototype for deaf people and we observed their many challenges.

Since then I have relentlessly studied the craft of design to the full: interaction, information architecture, content strategy, visual design, and so on.

People + Design = Transformation

This is the simple formula I believe in - I believe that people, guided through a design thinking process, are all that's needed for the transformation you're seeking.

If you are seeking to create transformation in your services, products, culture - whatever it is; I'm here to help as a freelance consultant - I can be your facilitator, designer, user researcher, even all three!


It's not just what is done, it's how it's done.

I'm always tinkering with my process, but my goal is that no matter what, you'll experience these 4 things in working with me:


I firmly believe there is a spark in creativity in everyone - in fact I call myself a learned creative. I did not grow up doodling in the corner of my notebook, but I have studied the craft of creativity and believe that it can be cultivated in anyone. My job is to bring out the creator living in you.


Each of my best projects have fingerprints from others on it - I may have good ideas, but you do too, and my job is to bring together the best pieces that everyone has to bring and to synthesize them into something great.

Critical Thinking

It's fun to dream wide and big, but I'm a realist at heart - and it's important to me that our end goal is possible, feasible, and well-thought through. When you're constantly taking in feedback - you need someone to help you discern what's personal opinion and what's helpful, insightful feedback.


At the end of the day, the real purpose of design is to create clarity, a clear problem, a clear solution, and it's important to me that we have great communication along the way so that you always know what's expected and what's next.


I'm working on moving my projects over from Medium, but check out what I've been up to lately: